"Ronda Waiksnis' works are beautiful and evocative - innovative, yet rooted in tradition - and demonstrate great depth of feeling, vision and technique.  Through her passionate quest to capture the moods of nature, she sensitively echoes significant landscape painters from the Romantics through Abstract Expressionism.  Her creative paint application rewards the eye with rich textures, crowned by provacative skies.  Her paintings capture evanescent movement. contructed with an original, instinctual vision."
C. Goebel, Professor of Art History
Spring 2013

Process, Methods and Inspirations:  


The utter capriciousness of the creative process is one I welcome and embrace. There's something about letting go to that intuitive evolution that transfers to the finished painting. Without question, the physical act of painting is important to the finished painting itself. I stand, moving back and forth, trying to maintain that ideal balance between creative abandon and physical control. For me, it takes these actions to make a beautiful, finished painting that remains somewhat organic and unrefined.  My paintings are landscapes that have been "found" not "built".

I hope to suggest a particular environment without getting to mired in the details.  I'd like the viewer to bring his or her own impressions or reflections to the painting without being taken there directly, by me.  Communicating the essence of a landscape is my goal.  Leaving some of the imagination to the viewer is key to that I think. 

I'm inspried by the emotional reactions we have to our natural world. The movement of the sky, the reaction of the earth underneath and the deep-toned colors combine to make a landscape I never tire of.  Using large brushes, palette knives and sometimes my fingers, I am a direct application painter. I mix the oil paints directly on the canvas or paper with putty knives; some as large as twelve inches. I have only a few brushes and I use them sparingly.

  Striving for work that is emotive, visceral and expressive, my interpretations of our natural surroundings is more of a feeling than a strict  observation
.    R. Waiksnis

 R. Waiksnis  


 My Paintings can be found in private collections around the world as well as in many retail, hospitality and media venues.  My work is featured on the third season of "House of Cards"!

A.A in Fine Arts, Broward Community College 

Continued studies, Florida International University & Clayton State University 

Featured Artist  Home Tour, 2007 

Featured Painting; American Art Collector, February 2009

Artwork represented: www.luminarte.com, 1727 E. Levee Street,  Dallas, TX. 214-914-4503 

Find Art at Wendover Art Group, Largo, Florida. www.wendoverart.com

Find Art at Artful Prints, NY, NY. wwwartfulprints.com

Find Art  at Orisons Art & Framing, McKinney, Texas. www.orisonsdecor.com  

Featured Artist - IFMA Conference, Atlanta- Georgia World Congress Center,   October 2010                                                                          

Finalist -Juried Show -  Projekt30,  November 2010 Competition,

Finalist - "International Art Search- Top 100", Published hardcover book and award received, January 2011
www.internationalartsearch.com    Book may be purchased through this site. 

Finalist- Soft Canvas Curated "Landscape" Show, May 2011               

 UFO'S and Bad Weather" LuminArte Fine art Gallery, Dallas, Texas.Opening reception- June 9th, 2012   

Exhibition- "Visual Poetry", LH Horton Jr. Gallery, Stockton California, Opening reception-October 4th, 2012 (A collaboration my twin brother, Poet Dean M. Williams)

2013: Completed extensive collection for The Goebel collection.

Winner Fayetteville Courthouse Art Banner Competition. Spring, 2015

Works held in private collections across the United States and worldwide.

Find Dean Williams at www.puritano.wordpress.com